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The path is simple.  Register and complete one or two personal training sessions dependent on previous experience, with and Everyday Athlete Coach and then you are good to go with our regular scheduled classes.

During your personal training sessions you will learn key movement patterns, the fundamentals of lifting and get a chance to meet the coaches who will guide you through your journey.  These sessions were designed to keep you safe and ensure you don't feel overwhelmed when you begin classes at EDA.

  • Two one-to-one training sessions with our expert coaching team

  • Six week nutritional transformation course

  • Ongoing support to build healthy sustainable lifestyle changes

  • Access to over 40 gym classes per week

  • 10 class pass to use at any EDA Session of your choice

  • Access to over 40 classes per week 

  • Three months to use the pass providing ultimate flexibility

**Prior attendance to completing the initial personal training session/s needed unless consent from an EDA Coach has been given.

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  • Unlimited Access to all group classes​

  • Access to open gym session.

  • Six Month Commitment after which you can cancel  

  • Even more savings if you pay a year upfront

  • Access to our members app delivering 21 workouts a week across our 3 programs EDA 40, EDA X and GPP alongside our standalone Mobility program.



Whilst we have open gym sessions, classes are the heart and soul of EDA. We believe our coaching is what sets us apart from other gyms in Glasgow, Scotland, and the rest of the world. Each of our classes are lead by a member of our certified coaching team, with an additional coach present to offer one-to-one support to athletes throughout the session. More detail on each of the classes below.


EDA 40

Dumbbells + BodyWeight

EDA 40 is our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, perfect for our athletes to hit first thing in the morning, on their lunch break, or after a long day of work.

Utilising a variety of compound movements, dumbbells, bodyweight, CV (cardiovascular equipment) and bands EDA 40, is our fast-paced, mood-boosting HIIT Class.


Strength + Conditioning

What happens when you combine classic strength training and functional conditioning? A highly effective programme with minimal pain and all of the gains.

Most classes begin with a lift, working up to a weight that is challenging for you. Then some skill work, designed to get you thinking, and ensuring you are constantly progressing. Finally, it’s time for your finisher, think AMRAP’s, Tabata’s, and any other devilish conditioning our coaches can think of. 



GPP is short for general physical preparedness. It’s designed to improve your ability across all areas of fitness — speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination. 

Our renowned High-Intensity GPP program is designed to improve all areas of fitness within a 60-minute timeline. Training that ensures you are ready for anything!

You can view our full strength and conditioning timetable here.


The national sport of Thailand, with a history stretching back over 3000 years. Described as the art of eight limbs, our coaches will teach you to utilise your fists, elbows, knees and kicks in what we believe is an unparalleled workout and an exceptional way to let off steam.

Muay Thai has always been at the heart of what we do, our coaches passion for the sport comes from decades of training, fighting and their continued physical improvement. And we cannot wait to share this passion with our members.

You can view our Muay Thai timetable here.



Each week we break out our blocks and our blankets as we join Coach Mitchie for one hour of restorative Yoga that utilises components of gentle flow and Yin Yoga. 

An ancient practice that utilises props to minimise tension on the body. The slow pace and time spent in each stretch allows the connective tissue around your muscles, tendons and ligaments to slowly release, improving flexibility and circulation. The perfect cure to a tough week of training.

Our full timetable is available here, or for more information on any of our classes, you can drop us a message here.


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