10 Guidelines For Your Fitness Journey


10 Guidelines For Your Fitness Journey


Move Often, Move Well - 

There is no greater guiding principle than to move often and move well. High-quality movement should form the foundation of everyone’s fitness journey, regardless of your starting point. We recommend that you move for at least 15-30 minutes per day, and if you can, an hour or so a couple of days a week. No matter if you’re moving fast or slow, with heavy loads or light load, or simple versus complex movements, you should always strive for high quality, crisp movement. 

Have Fun-

Whatever you do, do it with a smile on your face! Your fitness should always have an element of fun to it. Of course, some workouts will be harder, than others but we should learn to embrace and appreciate the struggle in those moments. Train your body and mind to welcome adversity and look at each bump in the road as a fun, new challenge. 

Work Hard -

Hard work is the best way to guarantee the results you want. No matter if you want to get leaner, bigger, faster, or stronger, working hard is the best way to ensure your success. We recommend that between 3-5 times per week you challenge yourself to put more effort into your workouts. We want you working at a pace that’s challenging for you, but also within your physical and psychological limits - don’t overdo it!

Rest When You Need It -

Everyone’s needs for rest are different. We recommend that you rest when you feel you need it, whether physically or psychologically. Some days you just need to chill and that’s okay. Other days you might benefit from “active recovery” like a hike, brisk walk, yoga, or a swim...we love that too. The bottom line is that you should listen to your body and take appropriate rest or active recovery when you need it.

You Do You -

Remember your fitness journey is unique to you. It’s not anyone else’s, and you are not in competition with anyone else. The only person you need to worry about is you. Your workouts, your mindset, your results, you do you!

Warm-Up Properly - 

Before getting started with a workout, in particular an intense workout, you should get yourself warm. Move around for at least 5 minutes and work up a sweat. Try to replicate the movements you will do in the workout but in the initial instance, do it without any weight. You are looking to get a feel for the range of motion that you will be putting your body through. At the end of the warm-up, your body should feel ready for the day’s work. 

Add-In Some Play - 

Adding playful elements to your fitness routine can keep it fun and even challenging. Play adds an element of levity to fitness, it takes the stress out of it. You should get out there to play and learn some new sports or skills. It’s okay to take a “workout” off to hit the field and throw or kick around a ball.

Recover Properly - 

After your workout wraps up, it’s important to take some time, again roughly 5 minutes or more, to cool down and recover. Recovery can take different forms, a slow walk, breathing intentionally, or some flow yoga. Get yourself back to a normal state where your heart rate and breathing are under control. 

Get Outside - 

Your fitness journey should include some time spent interacting with nature. We encourage you to be an active participant in this amazing world. Enhance your fitness by taking yourselves outdoors and experiencing the elements. Sunny days are great to move things outside but don’t forget to play in the rain or snow now and then! 

Don’t Overdo It - 

Perhaps the one rule to rule them all. Take your fitness seriously and work hard; however, don’t become too wrapped up in it. Don’t let it rule your life. Fitness can and should be a major part of your life but create a boundary for yourself. There’s a difference between commitment and lifestyle vs. obsession and compulsion. Be on the lifestyle side of the equation. Fitness is one expression of who you are, it doesn’t define every aspect of your life.

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